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Checking your mail is now faster than ever. Get through all your
unread emails with LiveEmail for free!

Checking Email: Faster Than Ever

You can now log into your inbox so quick, checking your email has never
been easier. Get access to your inbox with a new tab page
in a few clicks with LiveEmail.

Need to be convinced? Here’s how LiveEmail can help:

Quick Log-in

With LiveEmail, you can get to your email straight form your new tab
page. No more forgetting your email ID, no more resetting passwords.

Increase Productivity

When you have quick access to your email, there is barely any excuse for
procrastination. Experience painless productivity with LiveEmail.

Powerful Search

Wouldn’t it be nice to have direct access to a search bar as well? It only
makes sense that your search experience should match the convenience
of easy email access.

It's Free

There don’t have to be costs associated with productivity.
This extension is completely free. Why wouldn’t it be?

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